Claudia Fontes

Claudia is a visual artist based in Brighton and working internationally. She arrived from Argentina in 2002 and since then has walked 24,932 miles in and around Brighton, Lewes and surrounding areas. By walking she figures out this landscape alien to her and observes the mechanisms of adaptation and interaction that she shares with other creatures living in this biopolitical system: foxes, badgers, deers, rabbits, dogs, horses, ravens, seagulls, black birds, humans, trees and rocks amongst others.

She came up with the idea of The Appreciation Society after feeling the necessity of having a collective platform from which to operate as an artist and as a citizen, and to explore innovative ways of exchanging knowledge.

Apart from this, she has a pretty regular life.


A Drop in the Ocean


Irene Soler

Irene is a graphic / web designer who belongs to the growing tribe of modern nomads who carry their roots in a bag. Having always lived in cities, and in constant tension between permanence and exploration, she felt a fragility in herself that she also perceived in our built environments: a near- total disconnection from the land.

Since discovering permaculture, she has developed a different way of seeing and being. Starting from a very personal place – the desire to have a more meaningful life experience – she has expanded her energy outwards to connect with her own community. Her wider vision is for the city to become a better and more sustainable place for ALL creatures.

Irene is currently working on her project A Drop in the Ocean in partnership with Brighton’s Council.