The creature in between

The Creature in Between


The Creature in Between is a playful, experimental multimedia framework to explore through artistic practice what it is to be a person in the living world we share with other creatures.

We aim for the project to move across continents, transferring knowledge from one location to another, starting in Santa Victoria Este II, Salta, Argentina, in collaboration with Centro Cultural Tewok, a centre for the conservation and sharing of Wichí cultural knowledge.

Artists, hackers, potters, writers and musicians will come together to collaborate in creative processes, finding novel ways of translating their perceptions across cultures, generations, languages and species.

As the project advances, it will collect from each location sounds, images, shapes and words emerging from these translations. We will slowly but steadily build a sound archive, an image bank, a glossary of neologisms, and a collection of innovative musical instruments which will all come together in an orchestra in 10 years time!

The Creature in Between counts with the support of Arts Collaboratory, Ministerio de Cultura y Turismo de Salta and British Council Argentina.

If you want to know more about this project please contact Claudia.