A Drop in the Ocean

 A drop in the ocean

A Drop in the Ocean

“A Drop in the Ocean” is a design installation to be set up along the Volks Railway fence on the seafront in Kemp Town, Brighton. The installation will be made out of plastic bottle tops picked from the beach or collected on the seafront in Brighton and Hove only, during a period of 9 months in 2018.

The public display (created in 3 stages of 3 months each) aims not only to have a visual-aesthetic impact, but to provide data, acting as an infographic, about the bottle tops collected.

This quantitative information could be key to measure how the city may challenge and improve the serious plastic waste problem we’re facing. It will also give the public an idea of how many bottle tops end up in our beach, which is just, a drop in the ocean.

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Supported by The Rampion Fund at Sussex Community Foundation.

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#StreetsAhead Campaign

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