At The Appreciation Society, we would love to see kind appreciative people from any latitudes becoming protagonists of the planet’s future. Our input is guided by three primary principles which we consider underrated in the current consumer society: cooperation, shared attention and grassroots action.

Our activities apply design, permaculture and art practices to the production of knowledge towards sustainability and regeneration. They include artistic participatory events, community projects, interdisciplinary and intercultural encounters for the sharing of knowledge through action research.

Our aims are:

  • To create a fertile ground where people can inspire and empower each other to adopt solutions towards a viable future.
  • To reinforce awareness and appreciation of nature and culture, and of the interaction between both.
  • To open up pockets of knowledge which are locally trapped.
  • To contribute to a culture of inclusion in which everyone’s capacities are considered exceptional and factored in.

The Appreciation Society is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company based in England.